The stork has been given notice..

“Between you and me a new door opened
and someone, still faceless,
was waiting for us there.” -Neruda

“Entre tú y yo se abrió una nueva puerta
y alguien, sin rostro aún,
allí nos esperaba.” – Neruda

And so it is..
It has happened again.
Her and I.
We have linked each other’s souls.
Hand in hand, we have escaped to that secret place that we have visited once before
where entwined, with tenderness — with fury,
reached out to touch the core of our love,
and touched the tree of life with our bare hands.

And life has come from it…
And again, we thank God for blessing us with another fruit from this love…
This fruit of our souls.
This blessing by the Lord himself.

I am filled with the joy of a crazy youth.
I want to celebrate our love in the streets.
I want to shake the hand of every unsuspecting person.
Pop champagne with strangers.
And thank God for my beautiful, beloved wife!

my love,
there is no other woman that can make me as happy as you have made me.
There is no other.
And I cannot express to you, the joy you have brought to my life.
I cannot express the emotions,
the pure, raw, unfiltered love and pride that I have for you.
How wonderful it is to love you!
How proud I am that you are my woman!
My wife.
The mother of my children.
You are amazing…
And I go as far as to think that you own the stars.
I am incredibly happy that God has chosen you for me.
For me to love.
For me to share my life.
To share our love.
And have my children…

“Children” – Oh how sweet that sounds!
I love being a dad.
I love being a father to my daughter.
I love putting her to sleep.
Reading her books.
Showing her love.
Explaining the world to her.
And now,
now it’s going to be twice the laughter to go around.
Twice the happiness.
Twice the love…


And in case you were wondering how I found out…

Well a certain little lady came to me wearing a cute little shirt..


Monica sent her to me with her cute shirt but I was so busy with work that I totally didn’t pay attention. Three times she came to me and three times I told her how cute she looked. Yet, the “Big Sister” printed on the shirt went unnoticed. Then Monica resorted to plan B: a gift bag that contained our baby’s first toy (which at the moment couldn’t comprehend why she was giving me a toy) and a card that stated that we will be having “twice the fun and twice the love…” And boom! Surprise!

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6 thoughts on “The stork has been given notice..

  1. Wow! Oh my gosh! Congrats to you and fam. Thats an amazing post about little baby Downs haha and we are so glad you are welcoming another life into your loving world 🙂 we miss you all very much! Ttys XoXo

  2. This is soooo beautiful. ¡Qué muchas bendiciones! *sniff sniff* I’m soooo happy for the four of you, soon to be five!!!!!!!

  3. Monica and Alex- Brian and I are so happy for you guys! Baby Rose just kicked while i was typing so she’s excited too to have a friend soon to play with! 🙂 Congrats guys! Love y’all!!

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