The stork has been given notice..

“Between you and me a new door opened
and someone, still faceless,
was waiting for us there.” -Neruda

“Entre tú y yo se abrió una nueva puerta
y alguien, sin rostro aún,
allí nos esperaba.” – Neruda

And so it is..
It has happened again.
Her and I.
We have linked each other’s souls.
Hand in hand, we have escaped to that secret place that we have visited once before
where entwined, with tenderness — with fury,
reached out to touch the core of our love,
and touched the tree of life with our bare hands. Continue reading

Delivering the Baby news…

A few of you have expressed interest in knowing the details of how it happened since I didn’t say anything on the first blog entry.  To keep this PG, unfortunately for all of you I am going to have to skip the best part of how the baby happened.  😉

I’ll start from that Sunday afternoon when I went to practice with my dedicated soccer team.  When I returned home as soon as I was turning the knob in the front door, Monica semi opened the door and told me to close my eyes.  “Nice!” I thought to myself.  “I just gotta take a quick shower and I am ready to roll.”  She held my hand and guided me into our bedroom.  I stepped into our love room and I could distinctly smell the roses she had placed all around.   I was ready to open my eyes and put some love music, you know? Some “Let’s get it on” by Marvin Gaye, some R&B, some “Your body is calling me” by R. Kelly, you know, some of that good stuff.  I was smirking, grinning like a teenager about to get some action, thinking, “Man, I must have done something good!”  I could feel my body temperature rising.  But nope, forget about it, I opened my eyes and the first thing I see is a basket full with a stork, baby paraphernalia,  a handmade card, a champagne bottle, 2 Cigars and the golden glow of some twenty candles that did not match Monica’s smile as she told me “We are pregnant!”   My reaction? You can read it here.

Delivering the Baby News

Delivering the Baby News

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