Do something that scares you

I’m very proud of my little lady.  We went to the pool yesterday and she did something that really really scared her: She jumped off the edge of the pool into my waiting arms.  I saw the fear in her eyes…  She stood there, nervous, scared, contemplating.  She told me that she was scared that she was going to “fall and bump her head”.  We tried a few trial jumps where I would hold her hand and she would jump in.  But the scary part was jumping with out my hands to hold her.  She had a nervous laughter, looked at me, looked at the water, frowned, laughed again, furled her little brows and gathered little drops of courage only to refrain from jumping.  After a few moments of encouraging her, telling her that daddy was going to be there for her, she jumped.  And it was so great to see her trust me, to see her believe in herself.. and do something that scared her…

May you always trust that daddy is here for you my love.  And may you never hold back on doing something because you are afraid.  You are brave and can do anything.  Daddy is proud of you.  The world is yours to conquer. 

When I’m afraid, I will trust in you.  In God, whose word I praise, in God I trust; I will not be afraid. 

-Psalm 56:3

Seanna is going places…

And so it begins…  Her trip into this world.. and eventually out of my arms… out of these arms that long to hold her and carry her for life…  My Seanna.. my sweet Seanna Sofia.. my love, you are growing up too fast.

Today my little lady, my little sweetheart, started to crawl.  And with this, she filled our hearts with aspirations for the places she will be going, of the heights she’ll climb, with us and on her own.  We are happy, elated actually and at the same time aware of that tiny seed of bittersweet sadness that was planted in our hearts and deep in the back of our minds…  Bittersweet because our little lady is growing up and there’s nothing we can do about it.  Soon she’ll be walking, riding her bicycle, going to school and then off to college and into the world… and then one day, one day I’ll be walking her down the aisle.  And perhaps during the reception I’ll be talking about how I remember when she had just started crawling..

Oh my love, my sweet daughter, I pray so much for you.  I pray that God grants us the wisdom to raise you in manner that is pleasing in His eyes.  That we may teach you strength of character.  That we may teach you strong moral values.  And that when tested, because it will come, that you remember us, that you remember that we love you and have the highest of hopes for you.  My sweet Seanna, in you lies the purpose of our lives, the love that we have poured out of us and into you so that you may have all that we didn’t, live as we wished we had, fly higher  and walk farther than we had dared imagine for ourselves.  And may your little feet walk the path of a woman that honors God.  That is my wish for you.   Oh my sweet child, may God give you grace in front of all, bless you abundantly and when the darkness comes in your path, may He light a lamp at your feet and guide you.  Remember that He is in control.  May you, my love child, may you always walk with Him regardless of where you travel…

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PS –  I always thought that babies would take one little step one day and the another step the next, gradually being able to crawl.  Well, apparently that’s not the case.  Just yesterday I was trying to have her crawl and she wouldn’t.  Then she saw Victor, my little 11 month old nephew crawling and kaboom!  She started crawling a marathon today!