What will the stork be delivering?

Special Delivery...

Ok people, you all were right last time you were asked to vote.. .  I again want to know what you all think.  Will the Downs clan have a boy to level the playing field and bring balance to the house? Or will the ladies continue to rule the house…  enforcing tea parties before bedtime, princess themes in (what was supposed to be) daddy’s mancave, and cute/adorable ballerina Tutus as the must have fashion accessory?  Although I LOVE the endless hugs and kisses from my sweet lady Seanna, I would like to have a boy to fight the good fight with me when the ladies want to do girly things.

Oh man… this is scary.  I’ll admit it, I’m scared all over again.  I can’t imagine two girls.. I don’t know how I am going to do it.  I’ll be outnumbered…  3-1.

*Insert Drum Roll*

Now Vote!

Will the clan be having a Boy or another Girl?

  • Boy! (58%, 18 Votes)
  • Girl! (42%, 13 Votes)

Total Voters: 31

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Note:  Voting will end on 5/21 at 3PM EST.

LIVE FEED from Dr.’s office will be posted here on 5/21 at 3PM as we discover the sex.  So stay tuned!


UPDATE: As everyone already know, IT’S A BOY!!!  I gotta admit, I was sweating bullets.  I’m super excited!

Who has it better, Mom or Dads?

So through a simple Status Update on Facebook by a friend, Fatima, a furious, heated conversation was unleashed. Who has it better, moms or dads? Men and women alike rallied on both sides, battlelines were drawn, emotions ran high, tensions rose comparable to the Cold War days. Below are my thoughts based on my experience.

In terms of difficulty, I will say that women have it 65% vs dad’s 40%, yes it totals to 105% because, well, 35% for the dad is just too little, but 50% just seems unfair to the mom.

Yes, the woman will experience some changes, morning sickness and an expanding belly. However, what most people who haven’t gone through a pregnancy don’t know is that during first trimester the woman will have an “enhanced” look to her, sure, there will be some morning sickness, but it’s a tradeoff as it is offset by bigger boobs and booty (we latin men have an appreciation for good round booty that seems to keep growing). Not all women experience bad morning sickness. So as far as the first trimester goes, we’ll say that the dad has the advantage with 65% because he gets a hotter wife with no side effects on his end; the wife gets 35% because of the enhanced looks with side effects.

Now the 2nd trimester: This trimester is awesome and it’s also the easiest! The morning sickness if gone. Then the wife is starting to show a belly. You find out the sex of the baby. Everyone is excited and congratulating left and right. Generally people wait until the 2nd trimester to let the general population know about the pregnancy. Consider this the “honeymoon” stage. So, I have to give the advantage to the dad 60% vs 40% mom because of the slight weight gain.

The third trimester: This is the tougher part of the pregnancy. The baby moves and you can see it! You’ll see an elbow, or a leg sticking out of the belly. It gives dad and mom a “glimpse” into their little one’s behavior. However, this is a 70 % disadvantage for the mom because she can’t sleep how she wants to and is awakened by the baby’s kicks, which in turns causes a 30% disadvantage to the dad as he is also awakened by mom trying to get comfortable. This is the stage that the mom is getting bigger (she’s hungry all the time), her back hurts, her feet hurt, extremities get swollen (can’t wear wedding ring) and by the last month of pregnancy, she waddles around like a penguin. Mom doesn’t feel as attractive — but this is a huge flaw. Any men will tell you that when his wife is pregnant, that alone, for some innate reason, some natural process, some inalienable truth, is a turn on. Don’t ask why or how it happens, it’s one of those things that just do, like the migration of birds. Knowing that your beloved is carrying your child, your seed, your lineage, your generation; that you will only get to see her like that maybe only once, maybe twice, maybe three or fives times in your life, that is a turn on. Besides, that’s the stage when she glows, literally, take pictures, you’ll see what I am saying. This is the stage when she’s most radiant, more beautiful in a profound way. Yet, she doesn’t see it and this is the part when intimacy becomes tougher. So before you give the dad 0% credit, know that he is more than likely sex starved and is walking on tip toes in case the wife has one of those emotional tantrums hot pregnant women have been known for.

Monica's Pregnant Glow

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Live from the Hospital!

10:21 AM  –  We are currently at the hospital while Monica is getting checked out.   She is having contractions every two to four minutes.  I’m running a quick test run on the live streaming to prepare for the actual live streaming.

10:31 AM – The doctor is checking Monica out so we will be offline for the next 30 mins.

10:45 AM – They just told Monica to walk for another 35 mins.  Looks like we won’t be leaving here anytime soon…

10:47 AM – I’m going to walk with the hot pregnant wife.  So, we’ll be offline for a few minutes.

11:20 AM – The Dr has said that she is about to break Monica’s water!  Baby is on her way!  Sorry, no live streaming for now…

12:13 PM – Monica’s water has been broken.   She’s just laying and resting as the contractions get stronger and stronger.  I’ll provide streams when possible.

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Monica’s Coed Babyshower

What a great time!  To all those who came, we thank you.  We are very grateful for all the friends and family that made it out to Monica’s babyshower.  We had a great time!  We feel very honored that you took the time to join us through this very special “first” of our lives.  Your presence really made this moment very special.

We would really like to thank our family for all the time,  effort and dedication they put in to making this babyshower a success.   We also would like thank our babyshower committee: Esperanza Burgos, Marilyn Downs, Claudia Bruzzo, Mariana Burgos, Leslie Shea, Claudia Urrutia, Aline Marques, Bianca Paolomeque, Richard Downs and Lucia Roe.  These girls were mean, lean, hot working machines who put a ton of effort and heart into their respective duties.  Richard did a ton of  the heavy labor.  I don’t think I could have assembled a better committee.  We also would like to thank Eric and Karen for letting us use their house to party and get messy!

Below are some of the funny games you can only have a coed babyshowers:

***Update: Youtube is currently trying to fix a bug that slows down the video and creates a choppy sound for HD video, so the following may be in slowmo and really crappy sound (still funny to see though)***

The first one is called “Feed the baby”.  This was hilarious!  The men had to eat Gerber baby food, but it wasn’t any Gerber food, it was the nastiest flavors known to babies!  I can’t believe people force their babies to eat that, they really taste terrible!  Listen as all the guys taste the first spoonful of this delicacy and groan at the same time!

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Can’t Wait to Meet Her!

belly carress

As each day goes by, I am getting closer to the day when I finally get to meet her, our little Sirenita.  Her graceful and not so graceful movements let me know that she is doing ok.  The life inside of me is growing and getting stronger each and every day.  As I put my hands on my belly to feel her presence, she also feels mine and responds with a kick or a gentle push.  It is amazing this feeling.  We are all excited and getting ready for her arrival, this weekend is the baby shower and I am very excited about it and so are a lot of our family and friends.  I am really thankful to all of them for their love and support.

mon beach sirenaalex beach sirena

I wonder how she will look like, how she will be, will she really come on October 30th or will she decide to surprise us?  All the sickness, fatigue, headaches, cramps and even labor will be worth it to finally get to see her. I am a bit scared of the pain that comes with going into labor, but just picturing holding her in my arms is a reassurance that everything will be ok.  I look at my husband and see how happy and excited he is too, our little family is growing and it is an amazing feeling.  There is a lot for us to learn, and a lot that we need to teach her…but I know that with God’s guidance we will be able to do ok.  I know I say this often, but again I can’t say or feel it enough that God is looking out for us and we are truly blessed. 

alex giving belly kissbelly picmon preg pic2

It’s a girl!

 ********DRUM ROLL PLEASE******









 IT’S A GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And yes, I am on my way to buy a shotgun!  And No, she won’t be allowed to date until she’s 26!

The poll was right!


Here she is, using the Placenta as a pillow:



Update:  I just got my first gray hair.  And it fell off!

Flutters and Tiny Kicks

I am now in my 20th week and I am feeling the baby’s presence more and more each day.  For the past 4 weeks, I have been feeling the baby’s flutters and tiny kicks.  Its so amazing knowing that you are carrying a living being that is solely dependant on you.  A being so fragile and beautiful that is growing each day, and letting his/her presence be known.  Its all part of the beauty of becoming a mother.  I already love the baby without even seeing him/her and I can envision myself holding the baby for the first time.  I find myself talking to the baby and caressing my stomach more…

Everything is changing.  My body is stretching, getting bigger and its getting harder to find clothes to wear everyday.  I’ve already had to go out and buy a few things, including this thing at Target called Belly Band, its great! It allows me to be able to wear my regular pants without having to button them.

In the beginning, I couldn’t really see the big picture, it has always been just me, or Alex and me, now we are going to add our own little person to the family, it’s a wonderful feeling.  I am happy, excited, anxious, I get worried if I accidentally bump the baby, and have started to talk to him/her and smile each time because I know that its no longer just me, the baby gently flutters and lets me know that he or she is there, alive and kicking.

On May 10th 2009 was my first mother’s day, well I guess pre-mother’s day.  Alex had left to Nicaragua, but before leaving he had left a special delivery.  It was a beautiful bouquet of colorful tulips, and the note that was attached was just beautiful- it brought tears to my eyes:
Alex's Mother's Day Card

Both my sisters gave me cards telling me congratulations and how they can’t wait until the baby is born and how they know that I will be a great mother, it was very touching and sweet.

I have received a lot of support from family and friends.  It is no secret that we are in the baby boom era amongst our friends.  Our good friends Diana and Christian, Paula and Aaron, my cousin Monica and Pat, Alex’s cousin’s Michael and Lou, Jackie and Daniel, and Laura and Dan.  We are very excited about that because there are many play dates and parties to come.  My parent’s are both very excited to be grandparents, I have noticed a softening of my dad’s heart, and a tender smile knowing he is going to be a grandpa.  My mom is being creative and has great ideas for the baby.  My aunt has sewn a blanket for our baby, I haven’t seen it yet, but I thought that was just great! My big sister, Carolina has been a big support from the beginning, as soon as she found out, she ordered a journal online and shipped it to me.

I’ve been reading articles online, books, and journals to learn more about what is going on with the development of the baby and what to expect. I tell you it is amazing the things we wouldn’t normally know.

For instance right now the baby measures about 6 inches and can fit on the palm of your hand! Imagine that? How cute!  By now, the baby already has fingerprints, nails and hair.  His skeletal and nervous system is also now formed and his brain functions can now send signals to the rest of his body to move legs, arms and fingers!  Our baby can finally hear us! How amazing is that? I am a little concerned because we all know how loud Alex can be sometimes, our dear little baby will be calm minding his own business and then gets startled by him, haha! but I am sure the baby will finally realize that it’s a Downs thing.

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Boy or Girl?


Ok My peeps, in exactly two weeks we will be finding out the sex of our love child.  I find it interesting that everyone has an opinion of why they think it’s going to be a boy or a girl.  Some say it’s going to be a boy because of the mad morning sickness Monica had.  Some say it’s going to be a girl because her body is not “Squared” (whatever that means).  Anyways, here’s a poll so you can vote of what you think it’s going to be, so rock the vote!:

Will it be a boy or girl?

  • Girl! (51%, 21 Votes)
  • Boy! (49%, 20 Votes)

Total Voters: 41

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As for me, as long as the baby is healthy, I am happy.  Actually.. I must admit that I would prefer to have a boy.  As a matter of fact, I am terrified, scared to death almost of the thought of having a girl.  Why?  Well, girls are harder to raise.  With boys, you let them be, let them loose, free to discover and conquer their small universe.  You can teach them to not cry, but to be proud of their scraped knees when they fall, because they will be like medals for not “playing it safe,” for exploring, for doing what men do, falling and getting back up; to take on challenges head on.  But with girls?  No, you can’t let them roam free without the territorial instinct of a father, or lion, keeping a close eye on his pride.  No, she will not be told to stop crying when she falls.  She will instead be picked up by this man, who will hold her, kiss her boo-boo and whose heart will probably hurt more than her little scrape.  Then carry her away to safe place where doll houses and tea parties will await her.  But what I am most terrified about is those years… when the teenage years come…  What will I do?  How many must I shoot with my shotgun before I will be able to let go?  Oh man, it’s terrifying!  So yea, I think raising a boy will be easier.  Because I will have to teach him something I already know: how to be a man.  But if God wants to bless us with a princess, I am ready to take on the challenge head on with the dedication of father, a prayer on my mind, a bible in one hand and a shotgun on the other.