What will the stork be delivering?

Special Delivery...

Ok people, you all were right last time you were asked to vote.. .  I again want to know what you all think.  Will the Downs clan have a boy to level the playing field and bring balance to the house? Or will the ladies continue to rule the house…  enforcing tea parties before bedtime, princess themes in (what was supposed to be) daddy’s mancave, and cute/adorable ballerina Tutus as the must have fashion accessory?  Although I LOVE the endless hugs and kisses from my sweet lady Seanna, I would like to have a boy to fight the good fight with me when the ladies want to do girly things.

Oh man… this is scary.  I’ll admit it, I’m scared all over again.  I can’t imagine two girls.. I don’t know how I am going to do it.  I’ll be outnumbered…  3-1.

*Insert Drum Roll*

Now Vote!

Will the clan be having a Boy or another Girl?

  • Boy! (58%, 18 Votes)
  • Girl! (42%, 13 Votes)

Total Voters: 31

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Note:  Voting will end on 5/21 at 3PM EST.

LIVE FEED from Dr.’s office will be posted here on 5/21 at 3PM as we discover the sex.  So stay tuned!


UPDATE: As everyone already know, IT’S A BOY!!!  I gotta admit, I was sweating bullets.  I’m super excited!

Can’t Wait to Meet Her!

belly carress

As each day goes by, I am getting closer to the day when I finally get to meet her, our little Sirenita.  Her graceful and not so graceful movements let me know that she is doing ok.  The life inside of me is growing and getting stronger each and every day.  As I put my hands on my belly to feel her presence, she also feels mine and responds with a kick or a gentle push.  It is amazing this feeling.  We are all excited and getting ready for her arrival, this weekend is the baby shower and I am very excited about it and so are a lot of our family and friends.  I am really thankful to all of them for their love and support.

mon beach sirenaalex beach sirena

I wonder how she will look like, how she will be, will she really come on October 30th or will she decide to surprise us?  All the sickness, fatigue, headaches, cramps and even labor will be worth it to finally get to see her. I am a bit scared of the pain that comes with going into labor, but just picturing holding her in my arms is a reassurance that everything will be ok.  I look at my husband and see how happy and excited he is too, our little family is growing and it is an amazing feeling.  There is a lot for us to learn, and a lot that we need to teach her…but I know that with God’s guidance we will be able to do ok.  I know I say this often, but again I can’t say or feel it enough that God is looking out for us and we are truly blessed. 

alex giving belly kissbelly picmon preg pic2

Flutters and Tiny Kicks

I am now in my 20th week and I am feeling the baby’s presence more and more each day.  For the past 4 weeks, I have been feeling the baby’s flutters and tiny kicks.  Its so amazing knowing that you are carrying a living being that is solely dependant on you.  A being so fragile and beautiful that is growing each day, and letting his/her presence be known.  Its all part of the beauty of becoming a mother.  I already love the baby without even seeing him/her and I can envision myself holding the baby for the first time.  I find myself talking to the baby and caressing my stomach more…

Everything is changing.  My body is stretching, getting bigger and its getting harder to find clothes to wear everyday.  I’ve already had to go out and buy a few things, including this thing at Target called Belly Band, its great! It allows me to be able to wear my regular pants without having to button them.

In the beginning, I couldn’t really see the big picture, it has always been just me, or Alex and me, now we are going to add our own little person to the family, it’s a wonderful feeling.  I am happy, excited, anxious, I get worried if I accidentally bump the baby, and have started to talk to him/her and smile each time because I know that its no longer just me, the baby gently flutters and lets me know that he or she is there, alive and kicking.

On May 10th 2009 was my first mother’s day, well I guess pre-mother’s day.  Alex had left to Nicaragua, but before leaving he had left a special delivery.  It was a beautiful bouquet of colorful tulips, and the note that was attached was just beautiful- it brought tears to my eyes:
Alex's Mother's Day Card

Both my sisters gave me cards telling me congratulations and how they can’t wait until the baby is born and how they know that I will be a great mother, it was very touching and sweet.

I have received a lot of support from family and friends.  It is no secret that we are in the baby boom era amongst our friends.  Our good friends Diana and Christian, Paula and Aaron, my cousin Monica and Pat, Alex’s cousin’s Michael and Lou, Jackie and Daniel, and Laura and Dan.  We are very excited about that because there are many play dates and parties to come.  My parent’s are both very excited to be grandparents, I have noticed a softening of my dad’s heart, and a tender smile knowing he is going to be a grandpa.  My mom is being creative and has great ideas for the baby.  My aunt has sewn a blanket for our baby, I haven’t seen it yet, but I thought that was just great! My big sister, Carolina has been a big support from the beginning, as soon as she found out, she ordered a journal online and shipped it to me.

I’ve been reading articles online, books, and journals to learn more about what is going on with the development of the baby and what to expect. I tell you it is amazing the things we wouldn’t normally know.

For instance right now the baby measures about 6 inches and can fit on the palm of your hand! Imagine that? How cute!  By now, the baby already has fingerprints, nails and hair.  His skeletal and nervous system is also now formed and his brain functions can now send signals to the rest of his body to move legs, arms and fingers!  Our baby can finally hear us! How amazing is that? I am a little concerned because we all know how loud Alex can be sometimes, our dear little baby will be calm minding his own business and then gets startled by him, haha! but I am sure the baby will finally realize that it’s a Downs thing.

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The Fruit of Our Love…

A week ago, our child was touched by the hand of God.  Then at that moment, at that instant, our child… our love child had his or her first heartbeat.  

When she told me, I felt the urge to cry.  I knew not what to say.  A sudden surge of emotions charged within my heart and made my way towards her, my beloved, the soon to be mother of our love child.  I wanted to scream, I want to yell, to jump like a wild monkey, a crazy fool, like the careless spirited kid of my youth.  But I could not.  No, instead, I closed my eyes, and unleashed my joy in the arms of my beloved, my Monica.  I hugged her.  Held her tight to me, where she belonged.  With yearning eyes, I looked at the opened windows of her soul and I searched for him, or her, who was in her, in her womb, wanting to reach him with my hands, wanting to touch his or her face.  I searched for that child who knows God in His perfection better than we do.  God has said “I knew you before you were in the womb.”  And now, his or her heart beat is proof, yet again, of God’s love.  God has blessed us with the greatest of gifts.   She and I have nourished our love and now life has come from it. 

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